Pant Continuity (with ClothingArts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants)

Pant Continuity (with ClothingArts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants)

Pant Continuity is a phrase I came up with on my most recent travels to describe the experience of traveling with my ClothingArts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. Pant Continuity arises naturally from traveling with a single pair of pants and storing all your important items in them, in the same place, all the time. It’s like a money belt, but better.

While traveling through the UK and Balkans, I’ve kept on hand the following items:

  • Keys and Wallet: Left pocket that is zipper and button secured
  • Passport: Left pocket that is zipper, button and velcro secured pocket
  • Phone and Handkerchief: Right pocket that is zipper secured
ClothingArts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants at Dunrobin Castle Scotland

The above is my perfect configuration for security and ease of access. With the exception of my keys and phone, all of the above items only leave my pockets when they are in use and they never change pockets.

This has a bunch of small, but meaningful quality of life improvements. In the morning, I can just slip on my pants, unplug my phone, lock the door and I’m ready to go for the day. This was especially useful when we were living out of a van in the UK – I never lost anything to the crevasses of our tiny VW Caddy. When I’m at a border crossing, I always know where my passport is and that it’s safe and secure. Coins and keys are always kept away from my phone, keeping my screen scratch-free.

You can certainly experience pant continuity with any pair of trousers – At the minimum, I’d probably recommend a pair of pants with zippers. But I think the ClothingArts pants are probably the most ideally suited for it – The triple secure pockets put me at ease carrying my valuables around new cities. I don’t have to worry about my things falling out when I sit down or my valuables getting stolen by thieves. They can also hold quite a bit of stuff without getting bulky or disorganized.

ClothingArts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants in Podgorica Montenegro

Long story short, I don’t worry about my things anymore. It’s markedly improved my traveling experience. I’d recommend any long-term traveler try out Pant Continuity to reduce their packing weight, simplify their lives and relieve your worries.